Ich komme mir selbst geradezu unkreativ vor dabei 😀

  • Tutorial was harder
  • You need to move to Africa so you can feed all the hungry children.
  • „WW why you start jungle at wolves?“ – „I miss my family…“
  • If you fed any harder damn minions would start building items
  • Does your ass ever get jealous of the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth?
  • Report brand for flaming
  • Report Amumu for crying all game
  • Report Tryn for raging
  • Report Sona for refusing to communicate
  • Report trundle for trolling
  • Report Singed, toxic player
  • Looks like someone pissed in your bitchflakes this morning
  • Your mom is 800 elo at giving birth
  • This dude has more ping than a chinese phone book
  • I exhausted ur mom in bed
  • I thought it was impossible to die more than the jews in the 1940s, but hey, look at this nid!
  • Hey, trade you our Ashe for a caster minion?
  • „How about you come suck my dick“ – „I can’t“ – „Why?“ – „Small objects are a choking hazard“
  • Feeding like a McDonalds employee
  • Sorry I don’t Speak 3rd world.

Und zum Schluss mein Lieblingszitat aus dem Tribunal:

„penta steal REPORT“

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